embrofic omfg harry of the jungle

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loudandloud said: I’m so sorry babe :(

braverytattoos said: Wow. That’s rough. Stay strong <3


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Harry at LAX - July 21st
Harry at LAX - July 21st
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Tagged: #harry styles
Tagged: #harry styles

dyingcolours said: I’m so sorry :(

babyspouses said: Leah D: that’s horrible I’m so sorry <3

allicouldsaywashello said: I am so sorry for your loss

thank you all so so much okay <3

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rukyxpizza replied to your post:.
im os sorry baby!!


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So sorry!

ohthefond said: I’m so sorry :(

apricotzouis said: omg babe hope your doing okay and this must be so hard for u but there are loads of people here for u ly beautiful xx rip

feminarchy said: i’m so sorry for your loss :(

rentboylouis said: im sorry :((

thank you so much ♥♥♥

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